Program & Registration
General Instructions

All participants are supposed to deliver computed results for one or more of the test cases. These results will be compiled by the organizers and presented in a common format for easy comparison. The organizers will also make an assessment of the computations for each hull and present that at the workshop for general discussion. No papers will be presented at the workshop, but they will be included in the proceedings. At the workshop methods and computations will be presented in the form of posters. All test cases are described extensively in the menu “instructions to participants”. Read more about the instructions for all cases in the menus.
Submitters that want to use existing PMM model tests (for rexample PMM tests or CMT tests) to make submissions, can go to the FTP section on this website. There they can download a set of captive model tests or any other set of PMM test results that they may need to make a submission.

The workshop is open for all groups interested in carrying making manoeuvring predictions for one or more of the hulls specified. Submitters are required to attend the workshop and represent their submissions. Interested participants are encouraged to fill out the Interested Persons form accessed on the website’s start page. This form needs to be filled out to get access to the captive data sets. Final registration for the workshop must be done on the website. For further information, please contact the secretary, email: “”.

Submitters are recommended to follow ITTC recommended procedures for validation and assessment of uncertainty.

Format of papers
Papers should be submitted in pdf-format by email: “”.
A template in Microsoft Word, which describes the format is provided in the DOC File Here.
Additional guidelines for papers:
– Illustrations and logos in vectorised EPS
– High resolution PDF
Format of posters
Posters should be submitted in pdf-format by email: “”.
Guidelines for posters:
Poster size: 70 x 100 cm
Format: Preferably portrait, but landscape also possible
Pictures must be minimum 120 dpi in 100%
All pictures must be in CMYK colors
Illustrations and logo must be in vektorised EPS
High resolution PDF with Crop eller Trim marks (i.e. if you include pictures in your poster, make sure there is a 10mm gutter)
Coordinate systems
The coordinate system and sign convention to be used throughout the workshop is the one normally used for manoeuvring as described in ITTC "Symbols and Terminology List", Version 2002, i.e. a right-handed, horizontal, body-fixed coordinate system with x positive forward of midships, y positive starboard of centre line and z positive down from waterline. More information about the coordinate system is found in the instruction for every case.
Model test data for the workshop can be downloaded from the KRISO FTP-server.
To gain access to the server, please fill in the SIMMAN 2020 subscription form here. You will then receive an email with username/password and guidelines on how to access the server once the data is released.
Note free running data will not be available until after the workshop.
Access to data from the previous workshop (SIMMAN 2008 and 2014) may be given upon request, but it is recommended only to use data released for the SIMMAN 2020 workshop.
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