Workshop on Verification and Validation of Ship Manoeuvring Simulation Methods

Following up on the first SIMMAN workshop in 2008 and the second SIMMAN workshop in 2014, the third workshop is now scheduled to take place in 2019.
The purpose of the workshop is to benchmark the capabilities of manoeuvring prediction methods through comparisons with towing tank results for tanker(KVLCC2), container(KCS), and surface combatant hull form(ONRT) test cases. Similar to the workshop in 2008 and 2014, a variety of methods including CFD predictions are available for predicting forces and trajectories.

Feb 2019 : 3rd Announcement / Website released / Data available
31.May 2020 : Submission of data and questionnaire
30.Jun 2020 : Submission of papers and posters
17~19 July 2023 : Workshop


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