Instructions to participants

Previous SIMMAN workshops have been focused on deep and shallow water manoeuvres. Keeping the focus of previous workshops, SIMMAN 2020 deals with manoeuvring in waves.
For covering manoeuvres in deep water, shallow water, and in waves, free running and captive model tests are either have been or will be conducted. The test data will be provided for the participants to measure their own schemes.

The target ships for the workshop are the KVLCC2 tanker, the KCS container ship, and the ONR tumblehome.

The physical model tests either have been or will be conducted by various participating towing tanks and institutes including HMRI (Korea), NMRI (Japan), MARIN (Holland), HSVA (Germany), BSHC (Bulgaria), FHR (Belgium), KRISO (Korea), FORCE Technology (Denmark), CSSRC (China), JMU (Japan), IHR (USA), SNU (Korea) and MAREC (China).

The test cases will be:

  • Case 1: KVLCC2 in deep water.
  • Case 2: KVLCC2 in shallow water (Water depth to draught ratio Wd/T=1.2).
  • Case 3: KCS deep water.
  • Case 4: KCS in shallow water (Wd/T=1.2).
  • Case 5: ONRT deep water: Replacing the 5415M of previous workshops, with twin screw arrangement with struts and rudders.
An overview of the current test plan is found at “Overview of cases”.

All interested parties can download the captive test results for the participation. The raw test data is stored on an ftp-server, and participants should apply for a package of data corresponding to the specific hull and the specific method they intend to use. The full set of test data including free running model test results will be made available for comparison at the workshop and thereafter those will be downloadable from the workshop web site.

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